• Brandy Jade

My Cushing's Disease Journey

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Hi everyone! This video prefaces my future videos on Cushing's Disease. The purpose of these videos is to raise awareness for this "rare," life-altering disease. This disease causes havoc on your brain, mental health, hormones, and body in general. I suspect I've been living with Cushing's since late 2017, but I just received my official diagnosis on 10/2/20. I have a confirmed ACTH producing pituitary adenoma and Cushing's Disease. Honestly, I was terrified and nervous about posting this video because some of these photos are filled with vulnerability and cloaked with shame (but I have to remember this wasn't my fault!!). I hope that by sharing my journey, those who are experiencing the same thing will feel less alone. Please like, comment, and subscribe to help raise awareness!

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